The Perfect Alibi

María Jerez

The Perfect Alibi is framed in between the image and the absence of the image, creating presence through absence. To be able to appear, I disappear. And to be able to disappear, I write. When I write, I split myself; and, while doing it, the spectator stays in the middle. In between the thinking and the writing-image. The Perfect Alibi is  a novel, a performance through the writing, is an action film; is the trip of one person when is alone where time, space and perception unfold until not knowing who, when or where you are.

I always wanted to be a gentleman thief.
I would call myself: The Line.
And I would steal sentences.
To camouflage
Not to have the perfect alibi
To disappear leaving a trace
To vanish


 “The Baroque artists know well that hallucination does not feign presence, but that presence is hallucinatory.”
The Line


Original title: La Coartada Perfecta
Concept: Maria Jerez
Technical assistance: Samuel Anarte and Tim Bosselaar
Produced by Maria Jerez

Co-produced by Noorderzon/Grand Theatre (Groningen) and Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Frankfurt) with the support of Iberescena, 2010 (a project of Tanz im August, Berlin), BUDA Kunstencentrum (Kortrijk) and espacios cómodos'12 - La Porta (Barcelona)