María Jerez

Born in Madrid on the 17th of March of 1978. She works mainly in Europe and lives officially in. Her works are placed between the areas of film, choreography, theater and visual arts. She is interested in multiplicity. She has worked and collaborated with Cristina Blanco, Juan Domínguez, Amaia Urra, Jerôme Bel, Gary Stevens, Cuqui Jerez… among others. She has created the pieces: El caso del espectador (2004), This Side Up (2006) and The Neverstarting Story (2008). She directed the film The Movie (2008). She is active member of the working groups Miaketak (Mugatxoan) and El CLUB. Organizes the Living Room Festival (Madrid- Berlin). She has been commissioned by The European Cultural Capital Linz 09 (Austria) and CAMPO (Belgium) to do the projects I like to move it move it, The School Project and Five People, respectively. At present she is working on her new piece La Coartada Perfecta (2011) and planning the film The Trip (2012).