Seminar #1 2012

Dance Experimental Classes


Carmelo Salazar presents his new seminar at La Porta framework:

advanced level. I mean:

are not training classes. it is taked for granted a relaxation of attitudes and disciplinary skills to play with the sensitive and radical variables or differences of a movement phrase, concept or physical thought.

in other words, I try to open a fun context where enjoy with the movement, making easier dealing with the subject and materials .

move at your pleasure. pleasure to move taking guidelines and exercises as a possibility not as a condition.

These classes continue developing concepts presented  at " Concret Improvisation- Open Choreography" Seminar, realized in July 2011. The objective of these classes is to
solve a script-outline of each session so it can be published.

Most of the concepts at this seminar were developed at Mover el Cuerpo labs,  Carmelo Salazar's previous project.



Every Tuesday and Thursday

June and July 2012

7:00 -9:00 pm

La Porta_casa

Price:15€ per class

Info & Registration: