Azul como uma laranja

The (im)possibilities of language invite us to reflect on the idea of a pre- and/or post-language existence. We learn that language reveals form through limits, circumscriptions that classify and define. Then we begin to name things in an attempt to invent the world through their names, as though each thing exists from the moment it is named. Then we start to use and become suspicious of our vocabularies, questioning the origins of names and the roles they play. So we set out to compose a trajectory for each thing, a before and after, a context in which the object in question could dwell (exist).

Cecelia and João met in September 2008 at a workshop imparted by João Fiadeiro (RE.AL) and organised by La Porta, and there they began to work on the idea of sharing a research process that would allow them to question the creative act, composition and staging.

30 minutes

Concept and performance: João Costa Lima and Cecilia Colacrai
Original music by: Miguel Marín
Photography and grafic design: Débora Tenenbaum
Thanks to:  La Caldera, Cía. Lapsus, Alexis, Mo, Mari, Cristina
Artistic residency at La Caldera (noviembre 2008), technical residency at La Caldera (febrero 2009), hosted by compañía A.E./Lapsus (enero y febrero 2009)