Rabeah Morkus

Graduate in choreography and dance education from the Kadem and Mateh Asher schools.  She joined the Saint-Jean-d'Accres Theatre troupe and the Kibbutz company directed by Yehudit Arnon, where she took part in:  Quan le loup habitera le mouton, directed by Hamoutal Ben Zev, Prières a sacred music and dance piece, Un rêve arabe, directed by Moni Yosef and Eunoch-initation au anges celestes directed by Dudi Mayan. All of these works were presented at the Saint-Jean-d'Accres alternative theatre. In parallel to her work as a performer, Rabeah works in a rehabilitation through dance project aimed at helping children with family conflicts in the Rami orphanage and women in a refuge for Arabic victims of domestic violence to recover from their traumas.  For her, dance is also a means to overcome trauma. Palestinian, born in Kfar-Yassif in 1972.