Laurent Goldring

Since 1995, Laurent Goldring's work has focused on the representation of the body, and a questioning of the domination of the analogue image (photo, film, video) by revealing how limiting it can be. 
He has researched the portrayal of the body throughout history, and, against the « le vulgate de l'épuisement », demonstrated that to date we have actually seen only very little of the human body.
His approach has been of great interest to a number of choreographers, whose process follows the same questioning, and they have opened up dance to a new way of seeing the body.  Germana Civera and Benoît Lachambre were among the first artists to use this new variable in their work.  Laurent's videos have been shown at the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, Gulbelkian Foundation in Lisbon, Laboratorium in Utrecht and Hors Série in Montpellier, among others.