Gustavo Sumpta

Luanda, 1970.
Plastic artist and performer who began to exhibit and perform his pieces in the 90's. His works have been frequently shown at the ZDB Gallery of Lisbon, as well as in the frame of the Salón Olímpico (2003-2006) project in Oporto, the exhibicions Terminal (2005) in Oeiras and In.Transit (2007) in Oporto, the platphorm Revolvér and the VPF Cream Arte Gallery in Lisbon, where he presented his fist individual exhibition, Quando se reúne muito trabalha-se pouco, January 2007.

Gustavo began to research and use performance as his specific artistic millieu in 2003. This year he participated on LAB10 with the project Bala, expressão de contentamento and collaborated with the choreographer João Fiadeiro and the film director Pedro Costa in the making of The End of a Love Affair.
Beyond his works as plastic artist, he works professionally in theatre, dance and film. He was founding member of the Pogo Teatro group and participated in the all the works produced by this creative collective between 1995 and 1999; Between 2000 and 2003 he has also taken part in several productions of Artistas Unidos. In dance he has been collaborating with RE.AL since 2002, participating in the pieces: Existência, O que eu sou não fui sozinho and Para onde vai a luz quando se apaga?, all of them directed by João Fiadeiro. For film he has done occasional collaborations, among which his participation in the film Juventude em marcha de Pedro Costa should be mentioned.
In 2007 he was selected for the Premio EDP Novos Artistas.