Germana Civera

Choreographer, dancer and performer, has worked for over 20 years on the relationship between dance, the body, voice and text.  Her artistic process can be defined above all in terms of exchange and circulation, avoiding any desire for ownership. In her creative work, she has tried to discover and propose other forms of representing the body, questioning the gaze and choreographic practice (by exploring and developing forms of communication and perception through improvisation, choreographic writing and performance) and their relationship with other artistic forms.  Germana Civera has worked with:  plastic artists Laurent Goldring, Victoria Civera and Juan Uslé, the journalist and young writer Mikel Labastida, the poet Eduard Escoffet and the creator of sound concepts David Kilburn. These collaborations allowed new modalities and mechanisms for representation to emerge.  In 2000, she founded Associación Inesperada and became its director, creating a context for her own experiences and inviting other artists to start their own investigations.  It's also the context for designing workshops and specific actions for autistic people. These activities that are not based on public performances are very important because it's here that she confronts the uncompromising nature of the body and her dance.  An uncompromising nature that is re-placed and re-worked on stage, on the space of (re)presentation.  Germana Civera has participated in creating contemporary choreography through her collaborations with Mathilde Monnier, Jérôme Bel and Benoît Lachambre, among others.