La Porta__casa

In 2010 La Porta access to a new location, large enough to accommodate our office, an archive and consulting zone, social area and our own workspace.

Having a physical center for the first time has meant the beginning of a new period as it allows us to open new lines of action and investigate other possible frameworks and relationships with the creators and their practices, as is happening within the project occupations, as well as go deeper in the artistic accompaniments that take place in existing projects, such as espacios cómodos, 3 procesos de creación and the sweet.

With all this we are pointing in the direction of a “center of experimentation in advanced performative practices”. Project that, beyond the management of a rehearsal space, equipment and resources, implies the availability of time and space for meeting, exchange and discussion, time for listening and tracking paths.

Mental spaces that promote reflection and critical thinking about artistic practices, models of production, mechanisms of dissemination and methodologies transmission. A center to continue offering new devices to connect and meet with the audience's gaze.

A center which can host specific activities with different levels of public visibility: workshops, meetings and seminars, informal presentations of processes and works, usually associated with espacios cómodos, or as part of the programme of our thematic cycles and LP.