SWEETS are devices that allow us to organize an easily presentation, session of work or informal meeting, flexible to the interests or needs of the creator during the practice.

Public frames that allow the creators who are in residence in the frame of Espacios Cómodos to present or expose their sketches, process or thought in case of need.

  • FÄUSTINO II. BODY E 1:1 / BODY E 1:50 / BODY E 1:100 / BODY E 1:2.000

  • Tableau: "This is not a satanic ceremony. There will be cake and Chiclanero porridge"


    Everybody who comes to see this, will get an orxata for free  by El Conde de Torrefiel

  • Sweet #5_image

    Micrologia Segunda by María Vera

  • The Perfect Alibi By María Jerez


    Fäustino by Sergi Fäustino

  • Untitled by Quim Pujol

  • 22/23th of July 2011

  • 9/12th of December 2010

  • 9-28th of March 2010

  • 5th/13rd of December 2009