Sweet Desembre presents the work of some of the scenic creators who have received the support of the Espacios Cómodos'09 of La Porta: Carme Torrent, Teatron, Mónica Muntaner, Quim Pujol and Cuqui Jerez. We will also present the productions carried out in the virtual cycle Sobrenatural 3, with the works of Sergi Fäustino, Rosa Muñoz, Cecilia Vallejos, Ángeles Ciscar and Patrícia Portela. With Patricia, we'll have a special meeting to know better her trajectory and current interests.


Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of December / 8pm   {scene}            
Carme Torrent - Cuerpos monárquicos?      

Monday 7th of December / 8pm   {conversation}              
T E A T R O N - Meeting with users and visitors    

Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th of December  / 8pm   {installation+action} Mónica Muntaner with Elena Albert - Poemas de amor y cuerpo

Thursday 10th of December / 8pm   {conference-performance}    
Quim Pujol - El discurso es mío

Friday 11th of December / 8pm   {conversation}
Patricia Portela - special meeting to know better her trajectory and current interests

Friday 11th of December / 9:30pm   {projections}
SOBRENATURAL 3 - Video works        

Sergi Fäustino y Nicolas Fisseau Sèro-Guillaume, for god your soul, for me your blood
Rosa Muñoz, one dog comes
Cecilia Vallejos, CV'series I, II, III
Ángeles Ciscar, persona
Patricia Portela, tribute to Acácio Nobre

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of December / 8pm   {scene}        
Cuqui Jeréz with Cristina Blanco- The croquis reloaded

All the activities will take place at LA PODEROSA - Riereta, 18 2º - 08001 Barcelona



BOOKING: until 24 hours before the presentation, at 699 316 865 or reserves@laportabcn.com. Only seats confirmed by La Porta by mail will be considered booked. These reservations will have priority of access. You should get the tickets at least 15 minutes before each show.

Organised by: La Porta

with the collaboration of: La Poderosa

And the support of: Consell National de la Cultura i de les Arts - Generalitat de Catalunya / ICUB - Ajuntament de Barcelona / INAEM - Ministerio de Cultura 

Thanks to: Jordà Ferré

from 5th to 13rd of December 2009