from 9th to 12th December

The sweets were born out of the idea of making things a little bit easier to everyone, approaching the work of the artists genteelly and generating exposure spaces with enough proximity to allow an accomplice and direct exchange, rich in nuances and without stridencies. A soft place, light weighted but not superfluous at all, where the proposals as well as the gazes could be embodied without complexes.

One of the premises to understand such familiar spaces was based on the fact that they were open to the audience for free. In these times ruled by mercantilism and a monothematic obsession for money as the only exchange value of any reality, relation or function, it seemed to us that subtracting these moments of meeting  between artists and audience from this economical exchange and granting them the quality of a gift, was one of the clues to confer them a real potential –even as a political act, but above all as a social one.

Now we are appealing to an apparently contradictory strategy which anyhow is equally related to thinking economy in other ways: We are asking you to collaborate with us on the opening of a new space, a wide and clear warehouse/studio, where we'll continue opening gaps to the artists and their practices, generating meetings where their work can be exposed to your gazes so it can continue growing. We are asking you to give us your support as a gift to finish habilitating this house where new spaces for dialogue, movement and circulation of bodies as well as of thoughts will be proposed.

After 18 years designing and presenting activities in collaboration with other entities, occupying diverse and numerous spaces of the city, we open our own working space.

To inaugurate it we have asked some closed artists to create a present  in the shape of  two proposals: an action and an explanation: A total of 12 present(ation) moments which will squat during 3 days the new working space of La Porta, located at San Germà Street, near to Plaça Espanya. On the fourth day of this cycle we'll present the 4th edition of Sobrenatural, a working context which moves performance work to a non on-site or live frame.

We hope to see you there!


9th, 10th and 11th December / 7pm

Every day 4 actions, explanations or stories will be presented. A total of 12 new proposals by Patricia Caballero, Andrés Corchero, Elena Córdoba, Sergi Fäustino, Carmelo Fernández, Cuqui Jerez* and Las Santas.

9th December
Cuqui Jerez / action
Las Santas / explanation
Carmelo Fernández / explanation
Sergi Fäustino / action                                                                                                       

10th December
Las Santas / action
Patricia Caballero / action
Sergi Fäustino / explanation
Elena Córdoba / video

11th December
Cuqui Jerez / explanation
Andrés Corchero / action
Patricia Caballero / explanation
Carmelo Fernández / action

Charitable bonus: minimum contribution 5€ / limited seating

*Parallelly, La Poderosa organizes some Creation Practices with Cuqui Jerez from 10th to 12th December.

12th December / 6pm

Presentation of the lines of work of Sobrenatural 4, with the sketches and approaches of Fran Blanes, El conde de torrefiel, Peus Plutarco, Nicola Unger and Cecilia Vallejos.

Free admission/ limited seating

All the activities at La Porta's new working space: Carrer Sant Germà 5, 3er. 08004 Barcelona

From 9th to 12th December 2010