Virtual cycle 2009

Third edition of this virtual cycle in which La Porta commissions to performance artists the creation of a work specifically conceived for its presentation on the net.

This third edition, unlike the previous ones, brings into play the idea of open screen. The possibility of modifying, changing, creating chapters, seriating or altering the solutions or choices, opens up a different relationship with the work. This situation facilitates a positive detachment from the creation and responds in diverse ways to the problems implied in the closing or finishing of a piece. It also allows the work to come into play in it's performance context - the net; allowing the artist to establish new or ongoing relationships with his original concept.

Finally it is about creating a flexible framework that addresses the ideas of process and trajectory rather than that of work as a finished product; Generating a space for processual thinking and documentation.

This open screen idea modifies the basis of the cycle as conceived for the previous editions. On those occasions we asked the artists to present the pieces on an specific date. Now, from October on, each guest artist will begin to hung on the net their works, and you'll be able to follow the different proposals and their development. We will announce and update you about the changes or different solutions reached by the virtual evolution of the works on a regular basis.

On this edition: 

- Patricia Portela - Tribute to Acácio Nobre & The only thing I steal is ideas (with Irmã Lucia efeitos especiais)

- Cecilia Vallejos - CV'series PART I / PART II / PART III / PART IV

- Rosa Muñoz - One dog comes

- Ángeles Ciscar - Persona

- Sergi Fäustino & Nicolas Fisseau Séro-Guillaume for god your soul, for me your blood (2 versions)


We also publish Apología de la acción a text by Quim Pujol especially generated for this third edition.

With the collaboration of Hangar