Virtual cycle - December 2008

Second edition of this virtual cycle where La Porta commissions 6 scenic artists to create an original piece for the net.


SUPERNATURAL is an open field of action that offers a fresh approach and opens up new perspectives on the work currently being carried out by the selected artists. This unusual creative source within our programming offers new ways of carrying out, talking and fictionalising about the performing arts milieu, video recording, and the private and public realms.

The name Supernatural aims to say something about the gap between artist and public created by the camera, of the fiction of recording, and of what is recorded as perverted naturalness, within frameworks such as video creation, reportage and documentary.


With the participation of:

- Teo Baró - El trabajo de artista
- Mauricio González - Ballets rusos (variaciones el Canario)
- Norberto Llopis Segarra - Monsters
- Arifwaran Shaharuddin - When I actually think about love
- Mette Edvarsen - Fait divers
- Lola Jiménez - Plaza de Lavapiés s/n

On Sunday 14 December at 7pm at La Poderosa, presentation of the cycle: chat-conference with the participation of the creators of this edition.