Virtual Cycle / december 07

La Porta has commissioned six performance artists to create an original piece for the net.

Six net-site-specific works of:

- ION MUNDUATE - Extras de artificio

- IVANA MÜLLER - You are there but I cannot see you

- ROBERTO FARA - Seriales

- PATRÍCIA PORTELA - Tribute to Moretti



Digital technology has strongly modified the contemporary creative scene in all its fields, and the performing arts are no exception to this. Besides opening other research fields, other formats, other mental and sensible spaces; the virtual space proposes more open and participative ways of relating with the artistic object. The potential of the Net as platform for the circulation, exchange, documentation and study of contents is immense; forcing us to revise concepts such as intellectual property, identity, presence… It's ability to generate new audiences leads us to question the traditional mechanisms of arts' circuits, the market and it's exclusion dynamics; that is, culture's economy.

Public presentation of the Cycle: talk and reflection around the effects of the digital revolution on the performing and live arts.

On Sunday 16th at 8 pm a public presentation of the Cycle took place at La Poderosa. We started with Isabel de Naveran, visual artist and researcher from ARTEA, who read her article; followed by an open conversation with Ruben Ramos and Alberto Tognazzi, two local founders of Web communities.