SUPERNATURAL is a project where La Porta commissions different artists to create a video piece conceived to be shown at the web as a site-specific. A commission that does not seek a blend of performance work and new technologies, but rather to deal with the specificity of live arts and presence when registering it. A virtual Cycle that offers “other” approach and opens new perspectives about the works developed by these artists.

  • Nicola Unger / El conde de torrefiel / Fran Blanes / Peus Plutarco

  • Patricia Portela / Cecilia Vallejos / Rosa Muñoz / Sergi Fäustino & Nicolas Fisseau / Ángeles Ciscar

  • Teo Baró  / Mauricio González / Norberto Llopis / Arifwaran Shaharuddin / Mette Edvarsen / Lola Jiménez

  • Ion Munduate / Ivana Müller / Roberto Fara / Patrícia Portela / Ángeles Ciscar / Carmelo Salazar