Seminar 2#2011

Coacher, assistant artistic, external eye, adviser, playwright, companion, caretaker ... How and from where do we look the work of another?

September 23rd and 24th  - La Porta____casa

The number of different words that people use to name that figure, so common in the current practices of creation, clearly reflect the complexity of its role, the difficulty of trying to define its function.

To think and find some bases in order to better understand the different places and contrast different possible approaches to this issue, we organized a two days meeting (Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of September)

We invited to participate Bojana Mladenovic, currently artistic director of Het Veem Theatre in Amsterdam, with an extensive experience accompanying artists'works in progress linked to DasArts.

The session of Friday 23rd (at 5pm) is open to anyone interested in attending the exposure The(In)significant Other  that will carry out Bojana and participate in the subsequent debate.

On Saturday 24th, we will continue working with closed doors sessions. With the contents and reflections that appear on these two days of meeting, we will elaborate a document that later will be available on our website for consultating, study and / or contributions.