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Sergi Fäustino / Itxaso Corral / Navarone / Patricia Caballero / María Vera

OCUPACIONES (OCCUPATIONS) emerged out from questioning of the possible operational modes, existence, openness and availability of La Porta's space. This is a relatively malleable framework, whose bases and rhythms become intertwined from the persistence, submitting to a continuous evaluation and evolution.

Through Ocupaciones, we try to break down certain dichotomies (intimate-public; common-individual; work-life) elaborating, together with a group of artists, tools, strategies, weapons, concepts and resources for research, development and transmission of their artistic, relational and educational practices.

Is provided as a test specific field in which we can review, stir and re-structure the phenomenology of standard economic patterns, occupational, cognitive, coexistence and visibility.

With the affinity, the care, commitment and responsibility as guides, we are building up and occupying a versatile space, which allows the transit and  convergence of practices, emotions and thoughts and where we can open and proliferate the field of action for both, the artist and La Porta as structure itself.