The first occupied meeting in this year 2012 allowed us to review the basis on which we have been working in recent months since the project began in May 2011. In particular we been busy planning the different strategies that we'll start in order to communicate and share what is happening within the framework, in La Porta__casa, and the relationships that are establishing, both among artists involved and in between occupations and other territories or creative spaces with which links are being generated and effective colaborations for the next year.

In response to our desire to keep Occupations as a framework that combines and confronts reflection and building a common space with artistic practice and dialogue about the creative moment, the meeting was closed with an intense work session in the studio with Sergi Fäustino, Maria Vera and Patricia Caballero in which they updated us on the matters they are developing and the evolving their research processes. Below you can see traces of what happened and was shared by Sergi and Maria

30-31 de marzo y 1 de abril 2012