Nits salvatges - 3th edition



With Nilo Gallego, Mónica Valenciano, Idoia Zabaleta, D.D. Dorvillier, Montse Colomé, Carme Torrent, Marco Regueiro/Geni Iglesias, Esther Ferrer, Carles Santos

Noches Salvajes (Wild Nights) propose a framework designed to venture and broaden perspectives, a spacefor action, ways of looking and exhibition in present tense of the 9 guest artists, where new directions or possibilities of thought and language can intersect and converge. A space for the coexistence of different ways of embodying perspectives.

In some way we are all containers or constantly containing ideas and developments.To devise or think something up has always been just that, but from a diachronic point of view, talking about devising now is not the same thing as it was in earlier times. If we stop at the current time, every artist relates in a different way to the initial moment of creation. From this point we pose a question as the possible play-motor we are proposing: What is the relationship of our present time with the romantic idea of inspiration?


"I’m no longer sure of myself and the paintings appear as in a dream…” - Vincent Van Gogh


Tuesday 13th: 

Carme Torrent: Vosotras

Marco Regueiro - Geni Iglesias / Cía Lucier: SUPER IS A CHOICE AND I CHOOSE TO BE SUPER...

Esther Ferrer: A lo mejor...

Carles Santos: Piano intervingut Nº 13

Wednesday 14th: 

Nilo Gallego: quieto muere resucita

Idoia Zabaleta: Fisura nº1

DD Dorvillier: The Nostalgie…

Montse Colomé: El cos català reflexió-performàtica

March 13th and 14 of 2007, 8pm - in the frame of the festival LP'07
CCCB - Hall