Wild Nights

WILD NIGHTS is a project designed to promote action art and revamp the means for presenting it. La Porta welcomes creators from different generations, places and areas who are eager to experiment with the ephemeral and circumstantial nature of ideas and invites them to come up with the seeds for future creations and set out new perspectives for developing them.

A white 12 x 12 m square, with the audience on four sides, minimal technical requirements, four initiatives per night, each lasting no more than 30 minutes, and a bar to create a relaxed atmosphere. A space for shared exhibition and observation with the audience where creators can use the exposed intimacy of the action to take risks out in the open to present a performance that is half-experience, half-reflection.

At the five editions held to date in the main hall at the CCCB, Wild Nights has proven to be an especially apt means for presenting these kinds of practices in contemporary art spaces and bringing them to a wider audience.