LP'11, ex-festival de dansa

LP is a device constantly updating itself, in search of the best way to disclose the present creation around the body, movement and action. In every new edition we question not only the format, but also the sense of a festival today -Why? What for? And especially, for whom? At the same time, we try to displace the questions about what we want to understand as dance or stage work, in order to place ourselves beyond aesthetical values and categories, numerical quantifications, markers of contemporaneity, and audience levels still insisting on the obsolete consideration of the artistic work as a product and of the spectator as consumer.

LP is not so much a place for exhibition as a space for intersection, for meeting and dialogue between different ways to look at reality and question it. A space for exposition in the sense of showing or making public, but mainly as a response to the need to expose, daring to take part and bring to bear.

More than betting for the latest or the most innovative, we prefer to take advantage of certain sources, to get closer to the work of artists that we consider essential. LP aims to take time to see and listen to them, to allow ourselves to be taken up by their sensibility, their worries, interests and obsessions. To allow ourselves and the audience the chance to get in touch from the body itself, beyond the eyes.

Now more than ever, we want to continue opening spaces of visibility for the specific, for the non-commercial, for all that dares to talk to us face to face and to leave us suspended.

La Porta

Barcelona, from 4th to 27th of March 2011