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La Porta and Teatro Pradillo 's coproduction

Ocupaciones en Teatro Pradillo

From July 2nd since 8th, Occupations moves to Madrid to get involved in another place, to be practiced in a different reality than the usual framework in Barcelona, occupying  for a week, the Teatro Pradillo.Occupations propose in Pradillo  a theater-table, a shared place to traffic and spread artistic materials and practices from the artist who constitute and nourish  this creative project in the Porta__casa:  Sergi Fäustino with Faustino II, Maria Vera with Micrologías and Liminal 1, Navarone with Action of Fashion from his auto-visual series, Patricia Caballero with some of her traces, and shakings and Itxaso Corral Arrieta who is about to understand what the vital powers are. 

Three of the five days will be open to the audience's presence and participation, offering an environment of juxtaposition of scenes, actions, dialogues and relationships. Four-hour non-stop sessions that point the possibility of following the evolution of the proposals during the week. A performance for informal management of time, that uses improbable combinations looking for something groupal and particular at the same time, of other ways of sharing knowledge...  Sharing as a way to get to know one another.

Thursday 5 - 20h to 24h. *

Friday 6 - 20h to 24h. *

Saturday 7 - from 20h to 24h. **


1 Session 6 € / 3 session 12 €

* Audience can access the venue at different times.

** Saturday's performance will be ended with DJ Nefando and Navarone's projections.

Teatro Pradillo
Pradillo 12, Madrid