Itxaso and The Mondays

During May and June Itxaso Corral will occupy continuously La Porta__casa, taking advantage of such a beautiful space and the so precious clear wooden slatted floor that is there, remaining, and also the music which you can play really loud not as in my casa where the neighbors get angry because I sing indiscriminately, something quite understandable, it also bothers me sometimes that my neighbour's little girls do little girls things like running desperately down the corridor, back and forth, or hit the walls with any object or part of their body; I also like doing little girl stuff. Within her practice, and as an updating device, every Monday she will open the door to a group of guests, and we´ll spend the evening there, not to waste time before having tried to densify it and dilate it; surely ordinary attempts to combat the fact that we will die. Shall be very formal meetings in a very informal way, with the material and immaterial materials from the working matters and immatters.

From here we will report its development by publishing traces of these moments of encounter, of gazes, from others. Eventually those Mondays can be opened to the assistance of other people. If you are interested in joining this group you just have to contact us via email and we will inform you:

Every Monday in May and June

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