Está Movido

Está Movido is a hotline to the latest dance trends that are removing the language outside our borders. Different stage formats, installations, videos and specialized documentation. Two intense nights, in a time and thought to cause a smart upgrade, a healthy detoxification ok the look. On this occasion a guest country, France.
El Mercat de les Flors
commissioned to La Porta an international dance program. For the first time an institutional theater opens its doors to La Porta with an adequate budget for the activity. In the first edition (January 24-25 of 2003) we wanted to offer a vision of French emergent creation. In a single night, from 9 pm to 1 am, the public had access to scenic proposals, installations, video and written documentation creation of  Kubilaï Khan, Cécile Loyer and Vincent Dunoyer, occupying the entire premises. A great challenge and effort for La Porta that, despite the riskiness of the programming, was offset by the huge success with audiences and critics. About 800 people filled the theater, proving once again that to renew the public is also necessary to renew the regular formats of presentation.


Vincent Dunoyer: The Princess Project
Compagnie C. Loy - Cécile Loyer: Détail

Kubilaï Khan Investigations: Mecánica Popular
Vincent Dunoyer / Mirjam Devriendt: Etude#31

Cécile Loyer / Jean-Baptiste Bernadet-Ariztia: Video Works

January 24th and 25th of 2003
Mercat de les Flors