With Espacios Cómodos (comfortable spaces) the aim is to give direct answer to basic needs of specific proposals, generating effective spaces of work for artists. These spaces can crystallize in: creative residences in connection with other structures, micro production's aids, coaching creative processes, laboratories for research, mobility's assistances, moments of encounter with the audience's gaze, …


Espacios Cómodos realised in 2011 until now:

  • Berta Tarragó / PORCOPOLIS (Catalonia / France): CRITCRU
  • El Conde Torrefiel (Valencia / Catalonia): Observen como el cansancio derrota el pensamiento
  • Guillem Mont de Palol / Jorge Dutor (Catalonia / Madrid): And why John Cage?
  • Quim Pujol (Cataluña): Sin título
  • Quim Bigas & Aitana Cordero: TO-GET-HER(E)
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