The Espacios Cómodos (comfortable spaces) are punctual supports for the specific production of an author's work. They emerge as the result of a dialogue with the artists around their projects and the collaboration with other related structures. The goal is to promote, give visibility and facilitate connections to already existing projects that find few possibilities to be carried out, either due to the specificity of their contents or because they do not fit, temporarily or conceptually wise, within the lines of institutional supports.

They are economic contributions that aim to give direct answer to basic needs of specific proposals, generating effective spaces of work for artists. These spaces can crystallize in: creative residences in connection with other structures, micro production's aids, coaching creative processes, laboratories for research, mobility's assistances, moments of encounter with the audience's gaze, …

Through these spaces we try to maintain a certain capacity of reaction to the immediate, conceiving them as a more flexible context than the usual programming. Thus the comfortable spaces, in case the project requires it, can materialize in moments of public presentation within the frame of a specific cycle, but they are not necessarily linked to this circumstance.

Espacios Cómodos realised in 2010:

  • Cristina Blanco (Madrid) / ciencia-ficción
  • Monica Gomis (Munich) / Catching a Big Fish / Loft Stories
  • Mauricio González (Canarias) / Wakefield Poole: Visiones y Revisiones[
  • Maria Montseny + Anna Rubirola / Break Fast o de la feble feblesa (seguimiento)
  • Cecilia Vallejos / CV'series (seguimiento)
  • Sergi Fäustino / C60, grandes éxitos
  • Ana Buitrago / Apuntes mínimos
  • Paticia Caballero / without title
  • Javier Vaquero Ollero / Declarando amor
  • Estela Lloves Gómez and Mónica Valenciano / research project without title