Festival LP

LP is an international biannual event carried out in 2007, 2009 and 2011. 


Dance is not one single thing, and every day is less and less what its name represents.

LP searches for the best way to "publish" the thoughts, processes and actions of the artists presented, offering a way of looking at the evolution of dance as a vehicle for perception and knowledge. An event that seeks to displace the non-spectacular scene from the periphery to a central point and moment in the city.

Somewhere between performance and visual works, between dance and other creative fields, between different generations and territories. Projects that venture new dramaturgies in indeterminate spaces.

Neither the most radical nor the best according to market standards. Nothing with "the most".

LP is a driving force for creating criteria and spaces that are sensitive to the individual and the collective. LP is interested in exploring the disappearance of limits, or to express it in a more inclusive way, it is interested in the diversity and plurality of limits as well as in the gaps that remain between them, allowing their continuous reformulation and disquieting us through pleasure and distortion. In spite of its diversity, the proposals included in LP share an active questioning of the established formats. New ways to exist and construct that break through the borders between the imaginary and the real.