Standing at the end of white line (performance)

Antoni Karwowski

I am interested in areas/situations, showing the human condition reduced to elementary/universal value. I try to touch the archetypes.
The interaction between these materials and the body-intricate relationships of active activation and submission to the power and qualities of the materials-generates great sensual poetry, a poetical syntax of materiality akin to a journey within the basic moves of the formation of memory and identity.

♦ Antoni Karwowski will present three other proposals within LP'11: the lecture Because milk is nothing more… than perfectly digested blood + the performance Horizon 2 on the 8th of March at 19h at La Porta,
the workshop Genotype-source-genotype and Self-24h performance laboratory, the 15th of March from 10h on at La Porta.

13th of March, 20h    
CCCB, Hall

Length: 30 min

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