Seriales - Roberto Fara
Seriales - Roberto Fara

A group of related things that follow each others; a group of persons or things although they might not be related; a group of phonemes, belonging to a language, that articulate in the same way.
Serial codes, serial murderers, serial communications, serial ports, serial days. In the daily routine we find groups of many things. In the routine of these groups we find many things which are out of series (outstanding). To be out of series is to be different, is to find the difference inside those groups, to be able to hear a melody of the noises and to see a dance of repetition. Seriales: an out of series (outstanding) artistic work, born out of series.

La Porta invited AREAtangent ( to propose an artist of their choice to create a piece for this virtual cycle. Roberto Fara is the artist proposed by this platform.

Video: Roberto Fara
Music: El Cholo