Quedemonos un poco más sentados

Quedémonos un poco más sentados deals with a poetic subject: desire, the space between the possible and the real. And the way it can be traced in the body: observing and creating through the skin and its images.
Here we are presented with a series of scenes that show different aspects of the skin. These scenes are like pages in an inventory, pages of poetic data that are offered to us so that we can wonder calmly through them.
The piece is constructed through the disquieting beauty of a body that undergoes a transformation. A body transformed into an image, sometimes divided and disjointed, is presented so that it can be used to construct a new body, one that doesn't move with the certainty of the known. A body that can serve as a page on which to write about our desire, without reservation.
This catalogue may lead us to confuse the line that separates a human being from his surroundings.  Perhaps these alterations of images of the skin and the body will lead us, secretly, to something that goes beyond the skin. Something that we as humans keep longing for.

A piece by Elena Córdoba
Created with Patricia LamasMontse Penela and  María José Pire
Lighting Carlos Marquerie
Technician Eduardo Vizuete
Sound Elena Córdoba
Music Valentin Silvestrov: Liggero et pessante and John Cage: 44 armonías para una casa de apartamentos 1776
This work has been funded by the Comunidad de Madrid's Consejería de Educación y Cultura and INAEM, Ministerio de Educación y Cultura.