Poemas de amor y cuerpo (Poems of love and body)

Exhibition, tea time, home, beer, talk, cigarette,…
Creating an intermediate space, perhaps confusing or imprecise where I could be and that I use to read you a poem that I have dedicated to JUAN.

Starting from some poems that I have kept accumulating throughout this year, the project tries to organize a collection of images and writings in relation to a personal memory/story.
During this period I count on the collaboration of Elena Albert.
Through her look, the external look, the one that is behind the camera, we have worked starting from the idea of objectivizing the I emotive to find what is anonymous of my body, and the possibility or impossibility about that.
Through the accomplishment of photos and the manipulation of the image we build a body fictitious, ambiguous and open to the appropriation.
The body as an other object from a collection of replaceable things.

The piece is built by the exhibition of a series of images and writings and by the relations that are generated in the interior of this series.

For 2010 I think about developing a work halfway between performance, showing, exhibition, visual work, body, word, my writings, what is serious and the silly thing.

Project of Mònica Muntaner with the collaboration of Elena Albert
Photos: Mònica Muntaner and Elena Albert
Poems: Mònica Muntaner
Camera and editing: Elena Albert
Bodies: Tatin, Lola, Elena and Monica among others