Plaza de Lavapiés s/n

Plaza de Lavapiés s/n - Lola Jiménez
Plaza de Lavapiés s/n - Lola Jiménez

I like working with what I find, with what I experience…

I enter a crowd and comb through parts of people' stories - stories concerning everyone to create a 'life' dream. The contrast of reality between different 'rhythms' is what makes up this video.

It was the holidays: light and saffron in white kitchens; faraway, under dusty garlands, faces in carbide sadness and their groans amongst the remains of music.

(Excerpt from Libro del frío by Antonio Gamoneda) 

Creation and Editing: Lola Jiménez

 Music: Africans de Lavapiés i Gossera Municipal de Gran Canària

Thanks to: Pap and Fram for telling me their 'stories', Iurma and Carmelo for their howls, Aurora for her long-distance help, and Javier Marquerie for making the dogs make a sound.