Open sessions

Espaciales / Carmelo Salazar

Open sessions where the public is invited to watch the work of the research project Espaciales, in which Carmelo Salazar and a regular group of dancer-artists are carrying out a permanent laboratory, with occasional guest participants. An ongoing situation for working in creative (the Espaciales) and pedagogic (experiences with the language) directions.
The presentation will take place over two days, with different actions planned for each.
On the 23rd we'll begin with a text that explains what we want to share with you as our big project: We're making a gift-video of the experience we've shared while creating this experience. We're working through the senses, with the permission and ease that functional body movement allows us...and of course, there's more.
The session on the 25th is called buildings. ...The people living in a house are music, dance is the building, no-movement is like a tree... at some stage, this romantic text will mean something; buildings are simple constructions built on simple, highly expressive ideas. 

Carmelo Salazar, Carme Torrent, Orlando Ortega and Masu Fajardo.

*Special guest Rubén Ramos.