Observen como el cansancio derrota el pensamiento

El Conde de Torrefiel

One day I discovered that the truth of things appears after an entire night without sleeping.
So I kept awake an entire year, wanting to know everything.
Today it's exactly one year that I decided to never sleep again.
After all this time I have seen the austere landscape, close to a state without corruption, that slowly is disintegrated by lack of intellectual stimulus.

El Conde de Torrefiel will open to the audience their work in process on saturday July 16th at 8pm at La Porta in the frame of IN_Romería organized by La Poderosa.

See the video Morir Nunca of El Conde de Torrefiel in the frame of Sobrenatural 4.

A proposal by El Conde de Torrefiel
With the support of: Espacios Cómodos'11 - La Porta