Notas 08

Elena Albert uses video as a parallel tool for research that accompanies or follows the development of a performance work, similar to a notebook in which she takes notes on specific interests relating to the body. Starting from the daily recording of rehearsals and other parts of the process, these notes explore the performer's relationship with the camera. The recorded material as a body that is also inside-outside the work. How can this material be positioned and reviewed? How does the dancer position herself in relation to it? Annotating would mean setting up a short series of relationships in relation to possible developments, restructuring the recorded moments, times and situations so that they can be isolated and used to open up a new experience – a version, reflection and evolution of the work.

Installation / exhibition


9th of March from 20:30h
From the 10th to 20th of March, from 14 to 18h

This project was developed with the support of La Porta – espacio cómodo'08, La Poderosa and Mudances