My first club song ever

Gérald Kurdian (Paris)

My first club song ever, Gérald Kurdian

I never performed in a club. Neither saw the sun rise on an emptied outdoor techno-party.
I don't have any latex outfit, nor female costumes and wouldn't be able to seduce anyone while table-dancing.
In the frame of the Nits Salvatges, i will try, together with the Spanish performer La Prohibida, to challenge one's relationship to show, beats and energy by using the both sensorial, political and emotional dimensions of club culture.
It's a try out, an attempt of phantom raising.

No future
No no limits
No future
No no limits

Performer, songwriter and radio artist. Gérald Kurdian, that likes defining himself as a performer without a definite function, produces shows lo-fi articulated around ordinary actions (talking, walking, jumping), micro dances (mambo, tango, jerk) and love songs for his avant-pop solo band This is the hello monster!. It's the first time that he will present one of his musical performance at Barcelona.


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- Video of Gérald Kurdian at In Presentable'09 at La Casa Encendida

- Video of 1999 performance at Circular Festival 2009

- Vídeo del TV show de This is the hello monster!

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Concept : This is the hello monster ! & La Prohibida
Performed by Gerald Kurdian.