A meeting with Rui Horta

Presentation of the arts-support structure O Espaço do tempo and Proyecto Colina

Presentation of the arts-support structure O Espaço do tempo and Proyecto Colina, an interdisciplinary meeting of artists from around the world. Both directed and co-ordinated by Rui Horta.

Espaço do Tempo, located at the Convento da Saudação en Montemor-o-Novo, is a trans-disciplinary structure that supports many national and international artists. The underlying philosophy of the project is investigation and experimentation, which are the bases for the renewal and innovation of artistic languages.
Trans-disciplinarity is the main element in current arts development: collaboration processes and the contamination of languages are giving rise to new values that generate new arts objects. Because the nature of dance makes it open to the crossover of languages, it is currently an important element in these creative negotiations. We could say that there is a fascination with the language of the other.  Theatre, which is closely linked to text, is discovering the body as one of its potentials for non-verbal communication.  Film, video and architecture today are prolific areas with an activity that surpasses their normal bounds.  The plastic arts, traditionally concerned with conceptual issues, are now closely linked to performance and the performing arts.  Installations are becoming more and more like visual theatre, invading our senses with a theatrical tension that goes beyond the scope of galleries and museums.  All of these languages are interested in the body, and often also in digital technology (photography, image processing, real-time systems, digital audio, 3D, etc).  This digital divide is the field where O Espaço do Tempo operates, providing the material, technicians, time and space required for investigation. To talk of trans-disciplinarity is to talk of challenges to perception, challenges that are linked, to a great extent, to new media. 
Over the next two years, we want to continue developing this line of thought, supporting artists in the areas of dance, the plastic arts, theatre, digital arts, architecture, musical composition, cinema, video, etc.  And to continue working on some of our main projects, which include:
- Proyecto COLINA (Collaboration in Arts).
- The next editions of DANÇAS COM LIVROS.
- The Festival Camp (Música Electrónica y  Artes Visuales).
More info:  www.oespacodotempo.pt / www.colina2005.com