We see the body of a running woman appear and disappear. Her naked body escapes its own image, bringing our skin into the vicinity of a memory of fear. A hand writes down a secret code. Everything starts and ends with a breath, and inside this invisible space is where the story takes shape.

labOfilm/1 is a site-specific filmic device for capturing and recording, which involves all active agents of vision, attention and listening. This device experiments with space-time strategies and becomes real when the viewer interferes with his or her expectations of capture and attention: watching together does not mean seeing the same thing.

In labOfilm/1, Olga Mesa reconnects with her early experimental video works by revisiting her practice of the filmed image as a narrative space, but this time she creates rules for filming in real time, questioning the need for editing.

Olga Mesa also presents in the frame of LP'09 the performance Solo a ciegas (con lágrimas azules)

…pratiques du (non)visible: en avoir le coeur (corps) net…


12th and 13th of March, from 16 to 20h
14th and 15th of March, from  2 to 14h and from 16 to 20h

15 minutes / in loop

Concept and direction: Olga Mesa
Body, operator 1-A and artistic collaboration: Mathieu Holler
Body and operator 1-B: Olga Mesa
Production: FRAC Lorraine, Metz, France (2007)