Is it this a performance?

Esther Ferrer (San Sebastián / Paris)

¿Es esto una performance?, Esther Ferrer

Some suggest the question but answer it although they do not know, others do not suggest it but answer with the action, even if maybe neither know the answer. To ask is to think and to think is to exist doing performances or not. Is it the question?


Visual artist, performer and one of the most influential and coherent creators of the national panorama. She took part in the 3rd edition of the Wild Nights (LP'07), offering us one of her unforgettable performance, where the presence and the word are intertwined to generate a speech as direct and effective as necessary. Her artistic and human quality has led us to invite her again to perform in the white ring of the CCCB hall to keep enjoying and learning of her work.


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- Here you can found indexes of performances, biography, exposures, publications and texts published at Arteleku webpage 

- Interview to Esther Ferrer. Meetings of Pamplona (1972).

- Video of Esther Ferrer's performance  at 19ª edition of Bienal ofZamora.

And here an edition of 20 min with extracts of some of her performances: Via crucislas cosasPerformances para cincuenta sillas, Recorrer un cuadrado de todas las formas posibles, Contar performances