How Heavy Are My Thoughts

This project started from my fascination with the expression heavy thoughts, a metaphor that links the physical and material qualities of the adjective heavy with the abstract noun thoughts. The concrete with the abstract, something that can be measured and something which can't.
Most text books say that the average weight of a human brain lies somewhere between 1,300 and 1,500 grams, depending on age and gender, while the weight of a human head is somewhere between 4 and 6kg. But these statistics are based on measuring each person once - could the weight of our head possibly vary depending on our mental, physical, emotional or psychological state?
In what part of our body are our thoughts stored?  Can they be scanned?  Do they have a colour or flavour?  Are they waves?  Can we exist without them?
This performance hi-jacks the conference format and creates a narrative about thoughts, weight and a set of events that changed the life of I.M. Science and fiction, text and video, in a story in which I.M. wakes up in her single-room apartment in the middle of the night and asks herself:  If my thoughts are heavier than usual, could my head also be heavier than it usually is?
How Heavy Are My Thoughts is the third in a trilogy of solos based on the themes of innocence (Indivisible View, 1999), heroism (Lovely Performance, 2002) and knowledge (How Heavy Are My Thoughts, 2003).

Created by  Ivana Müller
in collaboration with  Bill Aitchison and Nils de Coster.
Made with the participation of:  F. Siemsen (physicist- D), Prof. Bojana Kunst (philosopher – SLO), Prof. W.A. Wagenaar (psychologist– NL), Dr. Christian Röder (psychiatrist– D), Alexandra Thiel (trampoline coach-D) and 50 of I.M.'s friends.
co-produced by Mousonturm Frankfurt  and Gasthuis Theater Amsterdam. Premiered at the Plateaux Festival 2003.