Colectivo 96º (Barcelona)

We have so many boxes because there are a lots of numbers, models, colors, designs...and of course all these boxes has being eaten us the space little by little


Grup created in 2008 by Lidia González Zoilo and David Franch, Colectivo 96º has created the shows Encontré un trozo de mí en un vertedero (Es Baluard - Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma de Mallorca, June 2008), Después de mí, epitafios (Centro Párraga, Murcia, October 2008) and Dar patadas para no desaparecer (Festival de Teatro de Terrassa, April 2009).


Colectivo 96º aim to avoid finding a line of work. The driving forces that have led them to create the pieces until today presented have in common that they question: what is representation?, what is fiction?, and what I'm doing in all of this?. That's why they play building identities in that margin of confusion between reality and fiction, to question that way the construction/deconstruction of some I non-existent and that are a representation both in the stage and the real life.


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- Video Después de mí, epitafios at AdriAntic/Anticteatre February 2009

- Images of the rehearsals of Dar patadas para no desaparecer at Teatre Lliure

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Performed by Lidia González Zoilo and David Franch
Thanks to: María  Farré and Zapatería NR