En construcción

Amalia Fernández (Madrid)

En construcción, Amalia Fernández

En construcción (In construction) is an experiment of composition, a mathematical game, an exercise of design of trajectories and actions in the space, that completes its meaning in relation to the trajectories and actions of the other ones. Dependence and intersection.
Images: a symphony orchestra, the disconstructed potato omelet, the cabin of the marx brothers, the Amazon jungle... in fact these images do not have anything to do with what is going to pass, but they served me as inspiration.


Emblematic performer and long tour collaborator with El Bailadero - Mónica Valenciano, Amalia has generated her own work for years and established intense collaborations with other national and international creators. We discover his peculiar and unclassifiable presence in programmings of La Porta (Matrioshka and Sichimi Togarashi with Juan Domínguez) and we do not doubt that she will surprise us again with her charge of humor and humanity for these Wild Nights.


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- See interview to Amalia Fernández in the frame of festival MAPA 09

Idea and execution: Amalia Fernández
Performers: from 5 to 8 persons from the audience