Ella entra

To recognise a body following an absence.
To begin an investigation, of oneself.
In an attempt to objectify my own body, I will try to reach valid conclusions using reliable instruments. Can scientific rigor protect me from subjectivity?
In the case of failure to reach valid results, I will switch to the side of nonsense, for a close-up view of futility.

Silvia Sant Funk created Las Santas collective in 2000, along with Bea Fernández and Mònica Muntaner. Together they opened La Poderosa: A space for dance and its contaminants. At present, she combines her activities as dancer, choreographer, organizer and fist-time mother with faith and huge doses of enthusiasm.


13th and 14th of March, 20h

25 minutes approx. / shared program with Deux danses d'ameublement

Concept and performance: Silvia Sant Funk
Artistic assistance: Mònica Muntaner
Music: Krishoo Monthieux & Co.
Lights: Ana Rovira
Production: Las Santas, La Poderosa
Management and administration: Paloma Gueilburt
With the support of: Entitat Autònoma de Difusió Cultural (Generalitat de Catalunya), ICUB (Ajuntament de Barcelona), La Porta - espacio cómodo'08, La Caldera, Ajuntament de Caldes D'estrac/Àrea de cultura