El amor y la herida

Elena Córdoba / Cristóbal Pera (Madrid / Barcelona)

El amor y la herida, Elena Córdoba / Cristobal Pera

Cristóbal Pera and I met on the 3rd of February 2008, Oscar Dasí introduced us upon my request. Since then we have not stopped writing each others about a lot of matters that concern the body, its anatomy and its thought. On the questions and answers that we have written and on our mutual friendship will turn our Wild Night with El amor y la herida (The love and the wound).

I want to thank María José Pire for her look, Carlos Marquerie for his ikebana and La Porta for each of their proposals.


More than two years ago Elena Córdoba initiated an intense exchange with the surgeon and thinker Cristóbal Pera, on the occasion of her artistic research project Anatomía Poética. A collaboration that, setting off of a common interest pensar desde el cuerpo (to think from the body) (title of one of the books of Pera), has led them to go in studies of different muscular groups, body and poetic spaces, being filled with nuances and complicity, until reaches an exceptional quality and quality (very advisable to visit the blog http://anatomia-poetica.blogspot.com/ ). For this edition of the Wild Nights La Porta has asked the Madrilenian choreographer to try to transfer an eyewitness act and to share the wealth of this dialogue with us, with the public.


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- See the conversación abierta between Elena Córdoba and Cristóbal Pera in the frame of CARNiCOS cicle of La Porta (March 2008)