El Aire. Fotografías del alma (Air. Photografies of the Soul) - First approaches to the project Anatomía poética


Anatomia poética is an immersion in the dissected body studies that have configured the occidental medical gaze. Elena is at present visiting with the film director Sylvia Calle some of the most important European anatomical collections, having access to original pieces and collecting varied visual information. In parallel, she is developing some work with several performers focusing on specific muscular groups; and accompanies this studio work with photographic sessions by Javier Marquerie Thomas. Out of this special transposing of her reflections into live bodies a strong and detailed visual material is emerging.

Concept: Elena Córdoba
Performers: María José Pire and Getsemaní de San Marcos
Photo: Javier Marquerie Thomas
Photographic models: Getsemaní de San Marcos, Kontxi López, Lola Jiménez, Elena Córdoba, María José Pire, Manuel Marquerie Córdoba, Juan Marquerie Córdoba, Carlos Marquerie, Antonio Fernández Lera
Lights: Carlos Marquerie
With the support of: La Porta (espai còmode of collaboration 2007)
With the collaboration of: Institut Cervantes of  Madrid and Paris - Ministery of Foreign Affairs

Pictures © Javier Marquerie Thomas