Documentation and installations

March 9 to 14, from 11 to 20h (closed Monday)
Hall del CCCB

March 19 to 24, from 15 to 20h
La Poderosa

A reference area where you will find material and information about artists, works and events related to movement, the body and performance. With publications, bibliography, web sites and specialist contemporary performing arts archives. An opportunity to browse, explore and find (or lose yourself) in the ideas and reflections that are emerging around this field. And if you've missed any of the performances on the program, you will be able to catch up by tuning in to the streaming transmitted on LP-TV.

To allow you to continue to stimulate your brain cells, the documentation will move to la Poderosa from Monday the 19th, joining permanent installations by Elena Albert, Sònia Gómez and Carmelo Salazar, as well as videos by other artists.