Desde el ángulo ciego

This work is structured through words and action, the imaginary space that is shared by us, the audience and something we've called the ángulo ciego (blind angle), that which is present but can't be seen. We play with several points of view of the one situation, creating a multiple reality that is constructed by each individual, and opening a gap that allows us to reflect on the piece itself and define part of its construction in real time.

This piece began as a result of Carla's invitation to Olatz to collaborate in a creative process, a search for common ground where they could meet, communicate and offer the audience a series of performance practices as a form of creative exercises. They question the place of the body in this space of words and action, and test possible open-ended strategies that allow for surprise and the unexpected.

30 minutes

Idea, concept and performance: Carla Fernández and Olatz de Andrés
Text and space concept: Carla Fernández and Olatz de Andrés
Co-produced by: La Mica, investigación escénica
Supports: Devir Capa, Gobierno Vasco (convocatoria Dantzan Bilaka)
Thanks to: La Poderosa, SanRafael14, Masu Fajardo