cuerpos monárquicos ?

monarchical bodies? start no end

bodies known and for knowing

moving on anything...superposed inscriptions
no of them more important than the other ones

undoing the hierarchy among the different tones of movement, of reality

passing from one to the other with calmness

...after the empty sunny again...

any longer it is not a I but a shining mist, one yellow disturbing, that it has affections, connections of desires, of intensity...

cuerpos monárquicos? is part of the project moverse sobre nada (to move on anything)

moverse sobre nada is a project supported by the Espacios Cómodos'09 of La Porta and by Andrés Waksman.

A project of Carme Torrent
Scenography: Carmelo Salazar

Thanks to: Geni Iglesias, Carmelo Salazar, Ana Buitrago, Marina Garcés, Las santas poderosas, Oscar Dasí, La Porta team, Andrés Waksman, Mò Pascual, Paloma Gueilburt, Javier Peñafiel, Joana Cera, Marti Peran and Ferran Fages.