A conversation about the project 3 Encuentros

Face to face with Las Santas

A conversation about the project  3 encuentros  with Beatriz Fernández, Mónica Muntaner, Silvia Sant and the choreographers Ana Buitrago, Elena Córdoba and Olga Mesa

An opportunity to meet the six women who participate in the project, following its premiere at the Mercat de les Flors on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of November, to talk about the aspects of investigation and creation and reflect on what it has meant to them so far. A different way to approach a production, its phases of development and its three creative universes.

Mónica Muntaner, Bea Fernández and Silvia Sant - Las Santas - are three dancers who move between the roles of creator and performer. All previous Las Santas projects had been created collectively, meaning that performance, artistic and directing responsibilities were all shared.  For this project they decided to change their work dynamic, and asked Elena Córdoba, Ana Buitrago and Olga Mesa to direct a solo for each of them. 

With this new project, Las Santas take on the role of performers. Each of them chooses a director, and this dynamic becomes the mechanism that produces the work.  This project opens up a new kind of choreographic dialogue by generating alternatives within the performer-director relationship.  This new phase allows them to recover a place for performer-artists who define their own direction in collaboration with other artists.